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  1. Pope.L: My Kingdom for a Title
  2. Joseph Beuys, Ronald Bladen, Daniel Buren, Carl Andre, Gene Davis, Jan Dibbets, Al Held, Jeff Khonsary, Craig Leonard, Mario Merz, Robert Morris, Robert Murray, N.E. Thing Co., Richard Serra, Seth Siegelaub, Richard Smith, Robert Smithson, Michael Snow, and Lawrence Weiner: The Halifax Conference
  3. Vincent Trasov: Mr. Peanut Drawings
  4. Maria Fusco and Jeff Khonsary: Give Up Art
  5. Bas Jan Ader: Discovery File 143/76
  6. Ken Kagami: Freaky Dog and Freaky Boy
  7. Titus Kroder, John Moseley, and Eva Weinmayr: Downing Street
  8. Dan Starling: The Culture Industry and the Propaganda Factory
  9. Seth Fluker and Sheila Heti: Seth and Sheila Stayed Behind
  10. Yes, but is it Edible?
  11. David Hartt: Belvedere
  12. Ruth van Beek: The Cast
  13. David Horovitz: Sad, Depressed People
  14. Walter Benjamin: Recent Writings
  15. David Horvitz: Sad, Depressed, People
  16. Lucy Lippard: 4,492,040
  17. David Horvitz: Sad, Depressed People
  18. David Horvitz: Sad, Depressed, People