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Figures in Air: Essays Toward a Philosophy of Audio

Micah Silver
Inventory Press
13.5 × 20.5 cm
111 pp
Theory, Audio

Emerging artist and theorist Micah Silver elaborates on the impact of audio on human behavior and social space. Silver’s research ranges from Meillassoux and a triangulation of audio’s trans-substance, to Yves Klein’s Air Architecture, through La Monte Young’s Dream House, and culminates in a discussion of historically significant audio systems and their importance as ephemeral social architectures made of air.

Micah Silver is an artist and curator who studied music at Wesleyan and in MIT’s Art, Culture and Technology program. His work has been produced by Mass MoCA, Issue Project Room, Palais de Tokyo, and OK Zentrum, among other venues internationally.

  1. Figures in Air

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