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Open Secrets

Jackson MacLow
14 × 12.5 × 1 cm

Open Secrets features Jackson Mac Low and Anne Tardos performing works for multi-track voices; and Robert Bethea, Andrew Bolotowsky, Daniel Goode, and Gabriela Klassen performing instrumental pieces. Winds/Instruments for flute, clarinet, trombone, violin, and narrator, could well become a classic of new music, not only being beautiful, but also displaying Mac Low’s witty use and love of words.

Track Listing:

1…1st Milarepa Gatha – Voice – Anne Tardos 5:12
2…Milarepa Quartet For Four Like Instruments – Flute – Andrew Bolotowsky, Barbara Held, Robert Dick, Susan Stenger 3:46
3…Thanks – Voice – Anne Tardos 9:54
4…Winds/Instruments 18:53
5…38th And 39th Merzgedichte In Memoriam Kurt Schwitters – Recorded By – Norbert Math 1:53
6…Phoneme Dance In Memoriam John Cage – Voice – Anne Tardos 5:00
7…Lucas 1 To 29: For One Or More Instrumentalists Clarinet – Daniel Goode – Flute – Andrew Bolotowsky – Trombone – Robert Berthea – Violin – Gabriela Klassen 24:29
8…Free Gatha 1 And Free Gatha 2 – Voice – Anne Tardos 5:12

Producer: Mary Jane Leach
Graphic Design: Marie Coons
Painting: Anne Tardos
Logo: Mike Metz
Sound Engineer: Bryce Goggin
Digital Editing: Tom Hamilton
Digital Mastering: Allan Tucker, Foothill Digital Productions, NY

  1. Open Secrets

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