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L'histoire du chapeau

Eric Chenaux, Ryan Driver, and Doug Tielli
14 × 12.5 × 1 cm

From Rat-Drifting:

The Draperies improvise with no set program, no expressed strategies, but not exactly freely. There’s a real sense of shared responsibility here to make music for a listener to listen to (not for the players to play or the players to listen to; at least not until they’re done playing). There’s a lot of music here: noise and pitch; high and low; short and long; thin (like a razor or a wisp of smoke from a blown out candle) and thick (like a pig-foot stew or a magic marker); not much fast and slow; all manner of attacks; lots of dynamics (but not too much loud and soft). This is music with intensities that is utterly not about intensity. The Draperies’ music sounds nothing like folk music; but it feels like folk music.

Artwork By – Ryan Driver
Design – Lewis Nicholson
Guitar – Eric Chenaux
Photography By – Aimée Dawn Robinson
Recorded By – John Larocque (tracks: 2, 4)
Synth – Ryan Driver
Trombone, Trumpet – Doug Tielli

Tracks 1 and 3 were recorded in Mercer Union, Toronto in September 2000.
Tracks 2 and 4 were recorded by John Larocque in September 2000.

Track Listing:

1 B♭/D♭ 9:41
2 G♯ 11:12
3 G 13:38
4 F 19:40

  1. L’histoire du chapeau

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