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Andrew Zealley and Don Pyle

Proteus is the score to director John Greyson’s feature film of the same name. This complex musical narrative colours a storyline which is set in early 18th century colonized South Africa.

Mixing indigenous Khoisan instrumentation with period European stylings, via string quartet, Proteus features performances by Capetown traditional music icon Dizu Piaaitjes, Eric Chenaux (guitar), Sandy Baron (violin), Orly Bitov (violincello), and viola players Johann Lotter and Pamela Attariwala. The recording’s closing credits track is “The Devil’s Mollies,” which features lyrics by the director and vocals/ guitar by The Hidden Cameras’ Joel Gibb.

Music by Don Pyle and Andrew Zealley.

Track Listing:

1. Proteus
2. Ten Years Hard Labour
3. Quarry I
4. Quarry II
5. Building The Garden
6. Money
7. Mother’s Stories
8. Nanseb’s Lashing
9. The Orders of the Company
10. Systema Naturae
11. Mantis Religiosa
12. Amsterdam Harbour
13. Permit Me To Blow Trumpets at Jericho
14. Hortus Botanicus
15. The Fable of Cinnamon
16. The Necklace
17. Mutually Perpetrated
18. You Can’t Set With Us
19. Sweet, Naive Florida
20. Eskimo Sunvisors
21. Proteacea Africanus
22. Cinnamon Mare
23. The Hottentot and The Sailor
24. Drowning Cell
25. Rijkhaart’s Confession
26. Table Bay
27. The Devil’s Mollies (featuring Joel Gibb)

  1. Proteus

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