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Mouth Pieces: Solo Soundsinging

Paul Dutton
Ohm éditions
Audio CD
13 × 13 × 0.5 cm

Mouth pieces. No electronic effects or processing, no feedback, overdubs, or fades. Twenty-one acoustic oral solos, working at the outer reaches of the technical and expressive potential of human utterance, fashioned from sounds, textures, and even a few words.

Paul Dutton’s oral soundworks have placed him at the forefront of sound poetry and free improvisational soundsinging worldwide. He is renowned as a soloist, a member of the CCMC free improv band (1989-present) and of The Four Horsemen poetry performance group (1970-88).

From the liner notes:

“My exploration of the limits of human sonic expression began within a literary framework, but I gradually came to follow it just as much within the field of music, specifically free improvisation. For years, I was content to call what I did “sound poetry,” but with increased interest in such musical effects as isolated overtones and the univocal production of chords, I found myself favouring the term “soundsinging.” Truth be told, I make less and less distinction between language and music, and my work is centred on a fusion of the two. I’m chasing elusive visceral and spiritual game, and don’t have time to cavil over categories.”
-Paul Dutton

Track Listing:

1. Reverberations (3:49)

2. Inex (4:12)

3. Lips Is (3:44)

4. M’s ‘n’ m’s 1 (1:10)

5. Flutterburst (2:52)

6. Jazzstory (for Tim Posgate) (3:25)

7. An M ‘n’ an M (0:30)

8. Shut My Mouth (3:05)

9. Vive le (for Henri Chopin) (2:06)

10. Untitled (2:12)

11. For the Johnsons (4:12)

12. Hiding (6:17)

13. Other Than (2:34)

14. Beyond Doo-Wop (4:19)

15. M’s ‘n’ m’s 2 (0:35)

16. Little Sound 1: A Sonnet (0:43)

17. Snare, Kick, Rack, and Floor (3:05)

18. Murmur Ring (2:20)

19. Ummm… (5:06)

20. M’s ‘n’ O’s (3:05)

21. Nod to Bob (for Bob Cobbing) (7:04)

  1. Mouthpieces: Solo Soundsinging

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