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The Heart of the Matter

Jeremy Strachan
Standard Form

‘The Heart of the Matter’ is the first release by Toronto musician Jeremy Strachan. It features four solo woodwind performances written as responses to a series of drawings by Toronto visual artist Katie Bond Pretti. They were recorded at the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery in a large, cavernous space. Strachan writes of the performances “I hear these improvisations as lines of sound being cast into a vast expanse of open space, articulations of form and movement navigating though an unknown emptiness. The gallery’s overwhelmingly reverberant properties circumscribed much of how I played, and these pieces accentuate the acoustical conditions of the space in which they were created. As such, they are likewise as much musical iterations of the gallery as they are of Pretti’s series.” Strachan has been writing, arranging, and performing music in many different contexts for over a decade. He currently plays in Feuermusik, Hylozoists, and as a duo with ex-CCMC member Jack Vorvis. 36:37 running length. Limited edition of 1000.

  1. The Heart of the Matter

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