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Potential Things

Standard Form
13 × 13 × 0.4 cm

Potential Things is the debut recording from Toronto creative jazz quintet Canaille who describe themselves as “…improvisational virtuosity, and fearless leaps into collective musical confusion, Potential Things is equal parts John Zorn, Willie Bobo, and half of Sun Ra’s arkestra jamming on “Waiting for Benny.”

The Canaille jazz band are Jeremy Strachan (woodwinds), Nicholas Buligan (trumpet), Michael Smith (bass), Dan Gaucher (drums).

Eleven tracks recorded in Toronto during the summer of 2009. Mastered by Sandro Perri Standard Form designed disc sleeve includes a 13-page songbook.

“…a refreshing focus on melody that bolsters Strachan’s status as one of Canada’s great young composers.” -Exclaim! Magazine (Online)

Track Listing:

1. Francophone 3:01
2. Vincent Massey 2:02
3. Early Bedtime 4:44
4. Good Bits 5:05
5. Restoration 3:05
6. Dock Boggs 5:27
7. Quodlibet 5:38
8. Screech is Back 3:17
9. Summer Hair 10:46
10. Masks 3:32
11. Potential Things 2:40

  1. Potential Things

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