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Stands for ICPMABOYC

Standard Form
13.2 × 13 cm

I can put my arm back on You can’t (ICPMABOYC) is a three piece rock band from Toronto, Canada. The group is known for it’s chaotic structures and menacing tempos while never losing sight of the ingredients for a good song. Their newest release, “Stands for ICPMABOYC”, finds the group reformed as a power trio with a more focused and heavier sound. While this album is the band’s first venture into a proper recording studio, the decision was made to track all instruments in the same room in one day to maintain the intensity of their live performance. The group has also put greater emphasis on their lyrical content by exploring a wide range of themes including pick-pocketing, eye-wear, American foreign policy, and sex. Limited Edition Run of 1000.

Songs performed and written by A. Durlak, J. Harris and D. Valles. Recorded at Halla Music and mixed at The Sweatshop by J. McMurrich. Mastered at Grey Market by H. Newman. Typographic assistance by J.B. Harris. Published by Standard Form.

Features light blue folder out liner notes in paper sleeve.

Track Listing:

1 Latch Key Kid
2 Americans Abroad
3 Do Your Eyes Need Help?
4 Ludling Language Game
5 Business And Bottom Lines
6 The School Of The Seven Bells
7 Theme
8 Jeff Gets Picky
9 Alprazolam
10 You’re So Good (At Sex)
11 Inconvenience/Decadence

  1. Stands for ICPMABOYC

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