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William Ashley Cooper: The Collected Works

Jacob Horwood
31 × 31 × 0.1 cm

Memorial tribute to the composition and performance of this obscure genius. Recordings from between 1972 and 2001, including the complete set of three “Phantasie Impromptus”; four “Incantations”; lengthy passages from his two continuing works, “Mix Of The Month” and “The Book Of Floating Music”; the introduction from his magnum opus, “Ashley: My Dear”; a clever take on “I’ve Been Workin’ on the Railroad”; and short passages of Cooper speaking about music and his works. A must-have for all lovers and collectors of out-of-the-way electronica and keyboard aficionados. Includes an essay by MS Harwood. Screen-printed five-color gusseted sleeve, limited to 300 copies.

A1 Ashley Cooper On Recordings 2:46
A2 Phantasie Impromptu 1: Slapstick 3:46
A3 Phantasie Impromptu 2: Tear ‘Em Up 1:52
A4 Phantasie Impromptu 3: Close Encountered Fugatos For Ludwig Von Earthling 5:05
A5 Incantation 1: Perpetual Orgasms 9:10
B6 Incantation 2: Excaliber-Fire In The Heart 5:31
B7 Incantation 3: Ice Caves Of Frozen Tears 4:53
B8 Incantation 4: Regeneration Of A Crystalized Soul 8:00
B9 Ashley Cooper On Moog Synthesizers 1:41
B10 Christmas Suite: Interlude 2:58
C11 The Book Of Floating Musique No. 4: Daydreams In Astral Gardens 6:09
C12 Ashley Cooper On Mix Of The Month 2:25
C13 Mix Of The Month: Summer Liberations 7:05
C14 Ashley Cooper On Ashley: My Dear 1:46
C15 Ashley: My Dear, Beginning 5:55
D16 Ascension And Transformation In The Lair Of The Rave 13:30
D17 Life’s Railway: Preface 3:37
D18 One Day Road Trip [Based On “I’ve Been Workin’ On The Railroad”] 4:40
D19 Ashley Cooper On Collecting

  1. William Ashley Cooper: The Collected Works

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