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Rural Route #2, by Kyle Bobby Dunn, 3" CD

Kyle Bobby Dunn
9.5 × 9.5 × 0.2 cm
20 min

As part of Toronto-based Standard Form’s series “Rural Route No. 2,” this mini disc features “Dissonant Distances – Senium III” by composer Kyle Bobby Dunn.

During the composing and recording process of these two works, Dunn revisited various spots and dimensions of an Albertan childhood that seemed smeared out and ghostly. The impact of these feelings and sightings wander prominently into the moody and eerie chord droppings of guitar, strings, radio mutations, and organ.

Printed in Toronto, Canada. Includes download.

Running time: 20m40s

Comes in small paper case featuring black and white photograph on the cover.

  1. Rural Route #2, by Kyle Bobby Dunn, 3“ CD

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