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John Oswald
Multi CD Set
15 × 26 × 1.5 cm
CD, Box set

Five dozen tracks on two discs in this deluxe twenty-seven year retrospective box set packed with legendary and notorious previously banned cuts, including the first rap song ever (‘Power’, from 1975), the first jungle track (‘Birth’) plus never-before-heard material; complete with double-size replications of all the Plunderphonics collages and a long revealing interview with project reproducer John Oswald, in a full-color 48 page exposé, all wrapped in an eye-catching, spot-the-celebrities, digibook hardback case. The genre Plunderphonics is the transformation of familiar music into surprisingly new music by any of dozens of unique and radical techniques. This collection is as categorically diverse and evocative as a blockbuster movie soundtrack, with symphonic orchestral implosions (Strauss, Beethoven, et al) interspersed with speed metal, C&W, swing, and exotica. Every curious listener will want to find out if it’s really the Beatles, Metallica, Elvis, Sonic Youth, The Doors, James Brown, Public Enemy, Igor Stravinsky and dozens more, including Dolly Parton’s infamous aural sex change.

  1. Plunderphonics

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