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Band - Debut Album

Kelly Mark
Compact Disc
14 × 12 × 0.1 cm
44 min
CD, Contemporary Art

In a nod to the inner workings of the music industry as marketing machine, a band is relentlessly promoted despite its lack of existence.

Published by Imaginary Friend Music

Original photography by: Jordan Eady

Edition of 100.

Track listing:

1. Why is there something rather than nothing 3:44

2. Is there at most one empty world 4:02

3. The question of nothingness 2:54

4. The restriction to concrete entities 6:50

5. The contingency dilemma 2:05

6. Intuitive primacy of positive truths 3:53

7. The subtraction argument 4:28

8. The problem of multiple nothings 5:26

9. Is there any emptiness 7:02

10. Existential aspects of nothingness 5:20

Exhibition at 2008 LOLA Fest (London ON)

  1. Band - Debut Album

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