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adding fuel to the fire

Sindre Bjerga and Jan Iverson
Beniffer Editions
14 × 14 cm

Norwegian drone music from Sindre Bjerga, head honcho of the fabulous gold soundz commonwealth and Jan Iverson who dispatches harsh-noise nugs in his own right on the tibprod express. Their ongoing collaborative project finds the two pressing their bustling intonation devices to the feculence of the suburban trash heap, collecting languid tone repose from the torpor of sputtering instruments meant for rags. this is the future of impoverished musics that everybody has heard about, the sound of low batteries in the post-kaleidoscopic void, the skeletal repose of melodic felicity. Published by beniffer editions this CDR comes in an elaborately folded tap-paper draw bridge, screened and made frigid like norwegian winter to serve.

  1. adding fuel to the fire

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