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The Xylophoning of Dirges

ID M Theft Able
Beniffer Editions
Audio CDR
12.5 × 12.5 × 0.4 cm

2005 release from experimental electronic sound and noise artist ID M Theft Able (pronounced “iddum theftable”), formally known as Scott Spear from Portland, Maine. Free-jazzy percussion and water sounds make up these hypnotic gesticulating scapes. Limited run of 75 one-of-a-kind tar paper marbling collage sleeves and inserts.

Track listing:

1 I Will Weep Tears Of Joy If This Microphone Actually Works 2:16
2 In Tint Gardens I Felt Around With My Eyes Shut 7:07
3 Distracted By Dollar Store Trinkets, Is Cubicle Expander! 6:35
4 Loon Sighs Echo In Moose Belly 12:55
5 Born Hollis Once Mac Tried Zack Now Hollis 5:53
6 Family Tree Dust In A Sunspot, All Below Mossy Shingles 9:05
7 A Series Of Arrows 6:24
8 In Tint Gardens I Felt Around With My Eyes Closed 6:42
9 A Microphone Falls Into A Sink Of Soapywater Falls Into Ballad 6:47
10 Untitled 9:17

  1. The Xylophoning of Dirges

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