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dwarfed genitalia community players

Charles Balls and Crank Sturgeon
Beniffer Editions
Audio CDR
12.5 × 12.5 × 0.3 cm

Split CDR between Portland’s Crank Sturgeon, performance artist and ichitoyd fetishist, and Toronto’s Charles Balls, member of gastric female reflex. Noise collage/poetry and then radio/concrete collage.

Each 5” casing features unique coloured collage designs.

Track Listing:

1 –Crank Sturgeon Follow Your Bliss “B A S T E R D S” 1:32
2 –Crank Sturgeon Hatchsnee 3:52
3 –Crank Sturgeon Man’s First Sound 1:30
4 –Crank Sturgeon Evident (Yep) Thwappism (Excerpt) 1:35
5 –Crank Sturgeon Jajii (Ample Glome) 4:57
6 –Crank Sturgeon Hruff/Not Suppose To/Shntai 2:57
7 –Crank Sturgeon Sojp 3:37
8 –Crank Sturgeon “Second Rate” 3:14
9 –Crank Sturgeon Cha – Doime – Jek 3:20
10 –Crank Sturgeon “For This Is Our Time” 3:19
11 –Charles Balls Marvelous Router Phallus For Dinner Theatre Ricer Pancreas 1:24
12 –Charles Balls “This Next Song Is Called Hatebreed” 1:09
13 –Charles Balls Beached Forestry Convinced He Was Flying 2:49
14 –Charles Balls Whoever Wrote This Song Also Wrote Hatebreed 1:28
15 –Charles Balls I Know Whats Right For My Daughter 1:47
16 –Charles Balls Trinidadian Yokels Adorned In Landscape Harvest Funeral Alter-Ego Pacts 1:35
17 –Charles Balls Every Creation Myth Lingers On The Discouraged Adrenal Proposition Howl 6:14
18 –Charles Balls Cameltoe 666 1:25
19 –Charles Balls Chocolate Favorite Sponge And The Myopic Buzz Word 1:43
20 –Charles Balls Thank The Germans For Wet And Wild 0:25
21 –Charles Balls Cameltoe 9-11 1:41
22 –Charles Balls Unsavoury Stench Of Unmitigated Cameltoe Polyester 9-11 Wedged Licorice Butt Fairy 0:31
23 –Charles Balls A Nod Paralegal Living Room Crisis Whatever That Means… 0:47

  1. dwarfed genitalia community players

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