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lovers in the midst of eating fries

gastric female reflex
Beniffer Editions
30.5 × 30.5 cm

“gastric female reflex has been targeting an unsuspecting public with their expertly executed and fried garage-art-noise/junk since their first two gold soundz slabs two years ago or so. Many a fine CD and cassette has been rolling down the runway since then, but always with an ultra-high quality control and superswanky homecrafted artwork. But THIS is the real shit in the fan – the real(est) deal of ‘em all, a superbly well crafted LongPlaying vinyl album! Somewhere between american tapes, “classic” mid-nineties NZ underground and a healthy dose of crank sturgeon/ euro-actionist noise humor (if you need the namedrops+pops).”

Sindre Bjerga – Gold Soundz

“Beautifully assembled limited edition LP from this great subterranean DIY audio sport unit, matching the hyper-linguistic torrents of nonsense sound previously torn to language by meta-junkieslike nautical almanac with the kind of hands-on domestic subterfuge of early prick decay/LAFMS. Moves from massive collisions of hysterical blat through to the sound of tiny luminous globs singing themselves into extinction. The whole deal comes sandwiched between two pieces of thick, thick chipboard, each one double screened and marbled uniquely with pseudo-op screend innards. This one vibrates beautifully when filed next to your favorite basement infidels. recommended.”

-Volcanic Tongue

  1. lovers in the midst of eating fries

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