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Der Stromausfall / Cloudbursting

Xuan Ye
12 × 18 × 2 cm

During the Everything Without a “Real” is False: APA (aka Xuan Ye) Artists-in-Residence Being Generation & JØ (aka Johann Diedrick) Friends-at-Home Mirco-Residency (2015.5.30), the two impromptu music performances Der Stromausfall / Cloudbursting happened as a result of unexpected electrical outage and fortuitous power-back on Dundas West, Toronto. Der Stromausfall was improvised completely without wall power. In Cloudbursting, the instrument (eventually the performance) allows the performer to use a one second vocal recording as a sound source for a tactile interface. When touching two contacts, thereby closing a circuit, the vocal sample is played back in a fluttering staccato of pitches based around a pentatonic scale. This allows for a wildly expressive sonic palette that is driven through touch between oneself and others. When the circuit is used in reverse, a group can form a connection together that results in silence. As they start to let go of each other, melodic voices shower down.

A Side – Der Stromausfall – 53’59”

APA = Voice / Mic Feedback / Objects (saxophone, melodica, bicycle, etc.)
JØ = Drum / Mic / Objects (branches, plastic bag, etc.)

B Side – Cloudbursting – 38’44”

APA = Voice / Electric Guitar
JØ = Cloudbursting (Instrument)

Mastered by Alex Santilli at WSDG Philadelphia Recording Studio
Visual Design by APA

Cassette Tape
Limited Editions of 100
Improvisation Performance

  1. Der Stromausfall / Cloudbursting

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