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Musique Concrète Realizations

Jacob Horwood
18.5 × 18.5 cm
Vinyl Record

Musique Concrète Realizations by Michael S. Horwood of Two Poems by Robert Creeley.

Originally recorded in 1968.

“Michael Horwood is a 20th century composer who began recording in the late ’60s. Horwood composes multi-instrumental works and is particularly interested in percussion. One of his apples didn’t fall too far from the tree, and son Jacob Horwood (Gastric Female Reflex, Claudio, sole proprietor of avant imprint extraordinaire Beniffer Editions) opened up his label’s gates to his father’s vaults back in 2007. That began with a live cassette dose of Music Gallery goodness from the percussion-led free-jazz quartet Convergence that Horwood Sr. served with during the late ’70s and early ’80s. An unforgettable Convergence LP followed.

This time around we have nearly 13 minutes of prime wax in white 7” form, wrapped in an eye-popping silkscreened gatefold executed to the max by Horwood Jr. “The Pattern” and “Dimensions” might be inspired by Robert Creeley’s poems, but for 1968 these skewed chamber pieces for tapes, voices and alarming sounds were wonderfully contemporary when you consider the like-minded back-room madness being recorded at the time. In fact, you could compare the cut-up, spliced, re-arranged and flipped sensibilities at play within this EP’s tight confines to be part and parcel of the same culture-chopping insanity that brought us the warped visions behind cut-up art-noise frontiersmen Gastric Female Reflex.” – Kevin Hainey, Weird Canada

  1. Musique Concrète Realizations

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