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Wet Dirt -Self Sabotage: The early year

Album - CD
15 × 12.5 cm

Wet Dirt: Robert Dayton, Robin Fry, Tobey Black, Simon McNally.

Recorded at 6 Nassau by James Anderson. Released by inyrdisk in an edition of 166 with art and lyric booklet by Robert Dayton, risographed at Colour Code Printing.

“Canadian personality Robert Dayton is a born frontman who has previously found his groove with such debaucherous touring and recording rock outfits as Canned Hamm, July Fourth Toilet, and Points Gray. These days he’s getting it together in glam spades with this competent and inventive band, who have graced Inyrdisk with the presence of their debut skewered and studio-fried effort…12 catchy, rollicking song cycles and bemusing turns of phrase that get lodged in your cranium. The fruits of rock wisdom, dripping down your smiling face.”


  1. Wet Dirt -Self Sabotage: The early year

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