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CD 2002

Eric Doeringer
14 × 12.3 × 1 cm

CD 2002 is an artwork by artist Eric Doeringer: Mixed Media, 5 × 5.5” each, 2002, Edition of 289. The work comprises of every CD the artist owned on July 1, 2002, duplicated and sold individually. Currently in stock at Art Metropole: CD 029.
From the artist:

CD 2002 is a piece composed of a single copy of every CD I owned on July 1, 2002 — a total of 289 discs. The discs are individually numbered, but there is no indication of what music is contained on each disc.

Although the packaging has a generic, mass-produced look, each insert is hand printed. Thus, there is more labor involved in producing the packaging than in making the actual recording (which is simply “burned” on my home computer).

  1. CD 2002

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