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untitled walk

Duane Linklater
Art Metropole
31 × 31 × 0.3 cm
17 min
Vinyl Record, Canadian, Art Metropole Edition

Vinyl record, custom silkscreen printed jacket.
Edition of 95 + 5 AP

In the spring of 2014, Duane Linklater set out on multiple walks in the vicinity of his home in North Bay Ontario. This is a recording of his search for a specific bird with a specific song — a song known as sikwan to the Omaskêkowak people who use this word to refer to a specific period in the spring season. The ambient sounds of the environment are audible, with crunching leaves, breaking twigs, a barking dog and the hum of nearby highway motorists.

Album jacket designed by Duane Linklater to feature the Cree syllabic for sikwan on the front and his text piece on the back.

Signed and numbered.

Side 1:

untitled walk

Side 2:

untitled walk

  1. Duane Linklater untitled walk

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