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Sounds of Southern Alberta Hutterite Colonies circa 1981

Beniffer Editions
Audio Cassette
6.5 × 10.5 × 1.5 cm

“In 1981 a man with business unknown to us found himself in the middle of a field in northern alberta. Inexplicably, a man decked out in hutterite garb approached him from out of the woodwork to bestow this man with his personal tapes. One of these tapes had changed hands four times and across 25 years eventually to be unquestionably made available. The edition is comprised of the best half of the two hour tape, consisting mostly of indecipherable mummering, enigmatic shuffling and every so often the pulsation of the ancient tape deck used to record it. This is unwitting minimalism from the collection of true outsiders occupying time and magnetic tape with their anti-deliberate aural expositions.” – Benifer Editions

  1. Sounds of Southern Alberta Hutterite Colonies circa 1981

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