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Carsten Nicolai - Zone

Carsten Nicolai
Base Projgetti Per L'Arte
26 × 26 × 0.3 cm

This record was pressed by Nicolai through his Raster Noton imprint, specifically for Maurizio Nannucci’s label Recorthings & Zona Archives and the Base art gallery where Nicolai’s installation had been presented. As such, it has no mention of being a Raster Noton release, except for the Raster Noton website (that was selling half of the vinyl copies, and is still selling the download files), where it appears listed with a r-n catalogue number.

The work zone was specifically created for an exhibition by carsten nicolai at base progretti per l’arte in florence, italy, in 2007. A sound installation, little objects and the Nicolai’s traces series were combined to a room installation, which pays tribute to Andrej Tarkovskij’s 1979 film ‘Stalker’. In the film the zone is a site, in which every dream comes true, a mental and physical site, which has no identity but is able to contain all the identities at the same time. the room installation was an attempt to transport these ideas into a setting to question the usual states of perception.

The sound presented on this vinyl edition is edited from the soundtrack of the installation. it consists of a stereo signal of undulating white noise with its two single channels playing inverted phases. Under ideal circumstances this can lead to a complete cancellation of sound (please note: in order to be able to cut the sound on vinyl it was necessary to eliminate specific cross phasings).

  1. Carsten Nicolai - Zone

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