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The Last LP (2018 Reissue)

Michael Snow
Art Metropole

Wu Ting Dee Lin Chao Cheu (Announcing The Arrival Of Emperor Wu Ting) performed by Orchestra Of The National Music Insitute, Seoul Korea.
Si Nopo Da (By What Signs Will I Come To Understand?) performed by Tribe Of Niger, S.E Africa.
Ohwachira, Water ceremony performed by Miantonomi and Cree Tribespeople.
I Ching Dee Yen Tzen (The Strings Of Love) performed by Tam Wing Lun on the Hui Tra.
Full To The Brim recorded in Varda, Carpathia, Romania.
Speech In Klogen performed by Okash, Northern Finland.
Mbowunsa Mpahiya performed by Kpam Kpam Tribe, Angola, West Africa.
Quuiasukpuq performed by Tornarssuk Tribe, Siberia
Amitabha Chenden Kala performed by Monks Of The Kagyupa Sect, Bhutan.
Roiakuriluo performed by Sabane in Elahe, Brazil.
Raga Lalat performed by Palak Chawal, Benares, India.

“Title of the album refers to the disappearance of the 331/3 rpm microgroove vinyl/stylus format. This recording was issued in the last days of the LP and was conceived of then as an investigation into the effects (both negative and positive) of “Western” recording technology on the world’s few remaining, at the time of recording, ancient pre-industrial cultures.”

Reissue on CD under the same catalogue number in 1994.

All informations taken from the sleeve and reproduced here are part of the record as a pure conceptual artefact (a man-made object taken as a whole). In fact all recordings were performed and “assembled by” the artist himself and subsequently all other credits mentioned on the text sleeve – also written by Michael Snow – are completely fictional.

  1. The Last LP Michael Snow

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