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Musick for Porn Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

Black Sun Productions
Black Sun Productions
CD Audio

Massimo and Pierce, the core duo behind Zurich-based audio/performance art

collective Black Sun Productions, also make movies – some of which come

under the self-described category of “art-fuck” films. With common

backgrounds as sex-workers, the Black Sun boys elevate sex to

performance-ritual levels (see the PLASTIC SPIDER THING listing on this

site). The two audio volumes of Musick for Porn, comprise Massimo & Pierce’s

original score music for BSP hardcore films, THE PIRATE TAPES (published by

controversial San Fransisco porn imprint Treasure Island Media). BSP gained

broader notoriety when they appeared as stage performers on Coil’s European

tours in 2002. Each of the Musick for Porn audio volumes is published in a

limited numbered edition of 100. Musick for Porn Vol.1 (2005), Musick for

Porn Vol.2 (2006).

  1. Musick for Porn Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

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