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Kreisel Dreidel

Marcel Türkowsky and Elise Florenty
Harpokratés Edition
31.5 × 31.3 × 1 cm

From a circle KREIS to a spinning top KREISEL. From German KREISEL to Yiddish DREIDEL.

To make this LP turn creates a constant movement of a meaning and a place which spins and can never be caught hold of.

The LP condenses various elements of the exhibition Memory Wheels by Elise Florenty and Marcel Türkowsky, presented at the Art Centre Synagogue of Delme, curated by Marie Cozette, in March 2009. Objects, drawings, films, language and sound were echoing different characters of Franz Kafka’s short stories: Josephine (“Josephine the Singer”, or “The Mouse Folk”) Odradek (The Cares of a Family Man) and “The Philosopher” (in “The Spinning Top”).

To be a decipherable LP, the visual cut side shows a permutation of an odradek into a turning surface of a spinning top that becomes the bottom of the audio side featuring a mirror action sound piece for spinning tops an excerpt of a 60 minute action recorded in April 2010.

The inlay collects sentences containing all possible idiosyncracies of the word circle from “Kafka’s Diaries 1910 -1923”. The cover and inlay drawings are seals by Giordano Bruno an Italian friar, philosopher, mathematician and astronomer from the 16th century.

Conceptualized and designed during a residency at Künstlerhäuser Worpswede 2009.

  1. Kreisel Dreidel

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