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cura. No. 11

20.5 × 28.5 × 1 cm

Cover by Adrien Missika

Introduced by Julien Fronsacq

contents: a portrait of Arnold Bode, founder of documenta, curated by lorenzo benedetti; Vincent Honoré in conversation with Emily Pethick, director of The Showroom, London; Adam Carr with his new section “making an exhibition”, focuses on the role of graphic designers; Maria Barnas with a focus on Mark Manders; lab projects by Dina Danish, curated by Post Brothers, and by Jamie Shovlin, introduced by Martin Holman; the “exhibition room” with a new project by Invernomuto; a “spotlight” on Caroline Achaintre in conversation with Gavin Wade and on Anna Franceschini in conversation with Ilaria Gianni; Dobrila Denegri meets Valerie Steele director of the museum at FIT, new york, for her column on “fashion curating”; Raimar Stange talks about Anna Meyer’s work and José Luis Corazòn Ardura about Asier Mendizabal; Ory Dessau talks about Avital Geva’s “experiments with books and space” in the end of 1970s; then Riccardo Previdi and the return of the painting.

  1. cura. No. 11

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