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Manifesta Journal No.12

Manifesta Foundation
17 × 25 × 1 cm

Manifesta Journal is an international journal focusing on the practices and theories of contemporary curatorship. Manifesta Journal explores and analyzes current developments in curatorial work, in correspondence with the evolution of the Manifesta Biennial over the course of the past decade. The main aim of the journal is to give a stronger voice to an up-and-coming group of (non-) institutional curators, intellectuals, theorists and critics, and to function as a platform for the articulation and discussion of their positions within a pan-European and transcontinental context.

Justified by what is now the “stable” status of the curator, by the diversity within the broader community of professional curators and by the network of curatorial schools, programs and courses in Europe and beyond, Manifesta Journal intends to continue stimulating the establishment of curatorial self-reflection and investigation.

Includes contributions by Søren Andreasen, Magali Arriola, Ami Barak, Lorenzo Benedetti, Simon Critchley, Zoran Eric, Jonathan Griffin, Katerina Gregos, Miguel A. Hernández-Navarro, Lars Bang Larsen, Francesco Manacorda, Gerardo Mosquera, Mark Nash, Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Alessandra Pioselli, Kathrin Rhomberg, Dieter Roelstraete, Maria Rus Bojan, Pier Luigi Sacco, Marjolein Schaap, Jonas Staal, Jan Verwoert, Angela Vettese and Thomas Wulffen.

  1. Manifesta Journal No.12

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