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Coil ANS

13 × 13 × 1.7 cm
CD, DVD, Box set

Members of English experimental music group COIL experiment with the ANS, a 1930s Russian invention housed by the Moscow State University (widely considered to be the world’s first synthesizer), that generates tones by means of image-adorned glass plates that are passed through the device ultimately allowing light through the gaps in each “design,” that in turn triggers sound. COILANS comprises 3 full-length discs of drone-based recordings, plus a DVD of image material created by Peter Christopherson (ex TG), who uses a process that returns the sound to its light and colour origins. One of the last completed COIL projects prior to the death of Jhonn Balance in November 2004. Epic in proportions.

Box set contains an insert with a history of the ANS synthesizer, description of its usage, and information on the release.

Main Credits:

Animations Made By Peter Christopherson (tracks: DVD-1 to DVD-4)
Composed By / Sounds Based On Graphical Designs By: Ivan Pavlov, Jhonn Balance, Ossian Brown, Peter Christopherson, Thighpaulsandra

Track Listing:

CD1-1 Untitled 20:54
CD1-2 Untitled 25:38
CD1-3 Untitled 29:40

CD2-1 Untitled 26:22
CD2-2 Untitled 30:13

CD3-1 Untitled 28:04
CD3-2 Untitled 32:06

DVD-1 Untitled 15:41
DVD-2 Untitled 10:08
DVD-3 Untitled 15:41
DVD-4 Untitled 20:56

  1. Coil ANS

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