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The Imagine Band

Tony Romano
18 × 18 cm

Romano used automatic translation programmes to process the lyrics to the well-known John Lennon song, ‘Imagine’ through eleven languages successively. His book illustrates each stage in this multi-lingual version of the game ‘Broken Telephone.’

At the end of the book, Romano has printed a second English version of ‘Imagine,’ which is the result of the combined translations. While the artist’s new English lyrics to ‘Imagine’ offer a similar sentiment to the original song in terms of peace and world harmony, the song seems awkward and unfamiliar.

This new, globalized version of ‘Imagine’ was recorded onto 7” vinyl that is part of this work.

‘The Imagine Band’ draws attention to the various nuances of meaning that are embedded in every language and which resist any mechanical translation that is not a result of inter-cultural knowledge and understanding.

Edition of 200 signed and numbered by artist

  1. The Imagine Band

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