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Keeping Time ZonaRadio

Maurizio Nannucci
Zona Archives
14 × 12.5 cm

A program of sound work by artists including: Peter Downsbrough, Louise Lawlor, Chris Burden, Richard Long, Maria Nordman, John Baldessari, Richard Prince & Bob Gober, Vita Acconci, Jonathan Borofsky, Katharina Fritsch, Isa Genzken, Christian Boltanski, Bruce Nauman, Imi Knoebel, Cildo Meireles, Rammelzee & Jean-Michel Basquit, Keith Sonnier, Robert Barry, James Lee Byars, Antonio Muntadas, Lawrence Weiner, John Giorno, Anne Waldman, Kristen Oppenheim, and Maurizio Nannucci.

  1. Keeping Time ZonaRadio

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