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Crazy Music​/​Philip Corner​/​1990

where is the zeitgeist? editing office
15 × 24 × 1 cm

60 minutes, 58 seconds

Recording in NY of a live performance with Kwok (Frog King)

The book includes the article “Of Modern Times And Ancient Sounds”, which Philip Corner wrote in 1961, and two interviews.

Zeitgeist (the spirit of the time) is attributed to the German philosopher Georg Hegel. The production and movement of art and culture reveals and reprepresents the spirit of a time, which reversely shapes the artists of their time. And this logic seems cruel to us: a great era creates great artists, a miserable time leads to mediocrities. And isn’t our time full of vain and vapidity?

In any time, there are artists being alienated, working out of step with their peers. Never belonging to the present nor the mainstream might let them disappear in the history, but they may also be found in the retracement. Growing against the trend of the time, their value will be acknowledged in the time they belong.

The Editing Office of “Where is the Zeitgeist?” is not trying to objectively edit the spirit of the age we live in, but to document and compile the alien spirits of our time. (translated by MA Li)

Softcover book, CD, 6 cardstock inserts in a plastic sleeve

  1. Where Is The Zeitgeist

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