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deFILE Volume 1 Issue 2

Jeremy Deller
Art Metropole
20.5 × 28 × 0.2 cm

This issue of deFILE features a segment of British artists Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane’s ongoing Folk Archive project. “Folk Archive is an attempt to re examine the notion of folk or popular art (most usually considered historically) by looking at this production from now on. Starting from folk art’s broadest possible definition and in the light of developments in contemporary art, social diversity and technology, Folk Archive aims to point toward an enormous amount of energetic aand often overlooked creativity from the UK and Ireland.” Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane. The photographs in this selection include Sound System Speaker Stacks from Notting Hill Carnivall 2003 and Flower Arrangements at Tate Britain.

  1. deFILE Volume 1 Issue 2

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