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Mourning Anthology

Fan Wu
Art Metropole
Poetry, Creative Writing , Personal Texts

“Seven people met over the summer of 2017 to engage the difficult questions of mourning, grief, and the (im)possibilities of their representation. Together we wove across the texts of Roland Barthes, Bhanu Khapil, Lucretius, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Michelangelo Antonioni, Barbara Loden, Maurice Blanchot, Lydia Davis, and bell hooks; we met on rooftops and in basements of bookstores. This book is our invitation for you to think and feel with us through the paradoxes of writing mourning & the painful productivity of grief.”

Mourning Anthology is the result of a series of workshops conducted at Art Metropole in 2017.

Carl Abrahamsen
Akash Bansal
Benjamin de Boer
Jaclyn Bruneau
Adam Cavanaugh
Daniella Sanader
Fan Wu

Rowan Lynch

Softcover, perfect-bound, b/w

  1. Mourning Anthology

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