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Un Jeu Sans Regles

Karl LaRocca

Set of 56 Screen-printed cards for game playing, education, magic, and cartomancy designed by Karl LaRocca and printed at Kayrock Screenprinting on 2 ply rising museum board. Varnished and trimmed with rounded corners. First Edition 2015.

There are 6 different colors paired with either blue or black to give 12 different variants to the deck, something like a suit. The cards encompass overlapping systems derived from Tetris, I Ching, Binary Numbers, The Tarot, Alchemy, Chance, Sonic Waveforms, Wu Xing, Directions, Questions, Zener Cards ( ESP ), The Lord of the Rings, Euler’s Identity, and more. Creating rules for play is left as an exercise for the player. Imagine that your cool older sister took one card from every game in the house and made up a game to play with you on a rainy day.

  1. un jeu green
  2. un jeu blue

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