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Free the Creek (& Other Proclamations)

Jimmy Limit and Maggie Groat
7.5 × 7.5 × 0.5 cm

We lived in an apartment at the southwest corner of Dundas and Shaw in Toronto for exactly two years. On the one side we were bordered by a park, on the other we were witness to one of the busiest downtown streets, and beneath us, we rested atop the sinking ground of an invisible and largely forgotten waterway. Free the Creek (& Other Proclamations) are four pins of protest inspired by our imaginings of a very different kind of local urban landscape – a common green corridor in place of Dundas Street West, a resurfacing of the now underground Garrison Creek, and a Trinity Bellwoods Park communally farmed based on permaculture principles. This kind of radical repurposing would only be possible if supported by the deeply felt visions and actions of a willing collective. We must share the shovel to transform the possible into the real.

Edition of 50.

  1. Free the Creek (& Other Proclamations)

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