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Messianic Clocks: White

Fabiola Carranza
Fabiola Carranza
26 × 26 × 3 cm

These clocks are subterranean. Their hands walk clockwise but move backwards. These clocks are immediate.

Now. Waltz may⁠

Now. Be⁠

They rupture continuous time to hold the spirit of the neglected and the forgotten.

Anything that swings evenly can be used to measure an interval but we first had the earth-sun, sand and water, the pendulum.⁠

As tuning forks eased us into a sound fabric, messianic clocks merge causality and free will; setting up faulty knots to measure the wobbly movement of these elliptical times.⁠

Watch. Now.⁠

Fabiola Carranza is a Costa Rican/Canadian artist and writer based in Southern California. ⁠⁠

Recent solo exhibitions include: The Mexican Husband at Deslave (Tijuana, México, 2018), Aedes Hallucinates in the Jungle at Malaspina Printmakers (Vancouver, 2016). Carranza has participated in group exhibitions at Plug-In Institute for Contemporary Art (Winnipeg), The National Gallery of Costa Rica (San José), the Contemporary Art Gallery, 221A, Artspeak and Access in Vancouver, Canada. Her first public art commission Seven Signs was on view at Waterfront Park in Seattle in 2016 and her play The Mexican Husband was published this fall by Blank Cheque Press.⁠

  1. Messianic Clocks

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