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The Thing Quarterly - Issue 27: Michelle Grabner

Michelle Grabner
The Thing Quarterly

Issue 27 is a fully functional gingham soccer ball designed by Michelle Grabner.

It is important to note that the issue also functions as a physical rebuttal to Ken Johnson’s 2014 New York Times review of Michelle’s exhibition at James Cohan Gallery, in which he referred to Michelle’s work as that of a boring soccer mom. The comment ignited a firestorm of counter-reviews and letters to the editor. It also inspired this issue, which might be the first rebuttal in the form of a soccer ball…ever.

The issue includes a pamphlet containing a brief introduction, an interview with Michelle Grabner by editor Jonn Herschend, and a reproduction of Joe Fyfe’s review of the review in HyperAllergic.

Gingham soccer ball, size 5, fully functional and suitable for all weather conditions.

Limited run of 1000.

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