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Souvenir Sculptures (Berlin): postcard

Philip Ocampo
Philip Ocampo
16.8 × 12 × 0.5 cm
Gifts By Artists
“Hand painted artist multiples, flaws and all, only resembling manufactured destination souvenirs turn the consumerist object into something no longer for the masses: Personal objects are loaded with appreciation for a place never visited. Longing and dreaming of leaving the familiarity and fondness of home, the maker escapes through the objects created, engages with idea of being someplace else, and ignores the destination’s actual beauty in the process.”

Wood, acrylic paint.
Unsigned, unnumbered edition of 1.

Commonly, the souvenir serves the functional purpose of being a memento to either the person who visited the destination or a gift to those still at home.These sculptures blur the line between these two classifications of giver and receiver. Souvenir Sculptures (Berlin) is an effort to join in on current trends of moving to “hipper” places, a luxury only afforded to those who can afford it. Here the works are gifts to the maker who cannot leave; a consolation prize, fake proof of an experience they can’t have. – Philip Ocampo

Every. Day. Objects. Catalog copy written by Lena Suksi + Fan Wu. Photos by Yuula Benivolski.

  1. Ocampo - Souvenir Sculptures (Berlin)
  2. Ocampo - Souvenir Sculptures (Berlin)
  3. Ocampo - Souvenir Sculptures (Berlin)

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