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Shoelaces by Ken Kagami

Ken Kagami
The Thing Quarterly
1 × 115 × 0.2 cm

These shoelaces are by Japanese artist Ken Kagami, who is also the contributor to The Thing’s issue 31.

Kagami is known for transforming everyday objects into perverse or inverse versions of themselves. And by everyday objects, we are really talking about the everyday things about ourselves that we usually don’t expose in public, which can include but are not limited to the following: poop, genitalia, breasts and other exciting and secret body parts or excretions. Alongside this, his work often includes imagery of your favorite cartoon character, i.e. Snoopy, whose face he has artfully scrambled on these shoelaces.

Each pair comes wrapped in TTQ packaging.

One pair of shoelaces, 45 inches / 115 cm long / 1 cm wide, white and black with clear plastic aglets.

Released July 2016.

  1. Shoelaces by Ken Kagami 1
  2. Shoelaces by Ken Kagami 2

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