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Time Being

Myung-Sun Kim
Myung-Sun Kim

time being is motivated by an old Korean folklore about a dangerous journey taken by monks into the high mountains, where they sought mythical rocks that give immortality and eternal health when devoured. When these rocks are heated to high temperatures, over a long duration, they become consumable. Rocks are among the oldest existing beings, with weathered faces that embody their lived experiences and echo their resilience. They are vessels for memory, trauma, migration, and undocumented histories. time being recovers the ghosts of the past, and through drink, food, and sharing, they provide a place for transformative experience of sustenance and caring.

Limited edition of time being is available only through MMMMM Gendai Kitchen subscription at Gendai Gallery. With subscription, you will also receive limited artist multiples by Ed Pien, Karen Tam, and Mitchell Akiyama.

Raised mud with extracted minerals and precious metal, fired to 2232 Fahrenheit.

Each time being vessel is individually hand formed and unique. The image provided is for reference and we encourage to select in person, or contact us for further inquiry.

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