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Champagne Flutes

Rodney Graham

Rodney Graham is a Vancouver based artist and musician who works with photography, video, installation, painting, music, and sculpture. His work focuses on various historical concepts and ideologies of past technologies: psychological and musical texts, optical devices, and film. Graham creates literal and visual references, and puns within his work to explore complex narratives within a historical context.

This set of 2 champagne glasses were designed in 1997 and shows an image taken from an early video, “Vexation Island,” that is an endless loop showing a Robinson Crusoe-type character that wakes up on a deserted beach only to get hit by a falling coconut. The image on the glasses shows the Crusoe character falling after being hit by the coconut.

  1. Rodney Graham Champagne Flutes
  2. Rodney Graham Champagne Flutes

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