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The Rodney Graham Songbook

JRP|Ringier/Vancouver Special Series
Artists' Books
172 pp

Rodney Graham is internationally acclaimed for his literary and conceptual artworks, cinematic installations, costume dramas and as a singer-songwriter. Over the years, he has blurred the line between visual art and music with works such as “How I Became a Ramblin’ Man, Zabriskie Point” and “The Phonokinetoscope.” In “This Is the Only Living I’ve Got, Don’t Take It Away From Me” he compiles 37 songs from his CDs and records and transcribes them into sheet music with notations for piano, guitar tablature and lyrics. The form is that of a popular songbook, featuring images of the artist, his band and new artwork. The material includes “The Bed Bug,” “Love Buzz, And Other Short Songs in the Popular Idiom,” “Getting it Together in the Country,” “Rock is Hard,” and “Never Tell a Pal A Hard Luck Story.” With a CD of rare covers and two brand new tracks.

Hardcover, colour.

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