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Twentieth-Century Winters

Steve Kado
Steve Kado
Artists' Books
10.5 × 17.5 cm
100 pages
Music, Performance Art

Instructional text by Steve Kado, each page chronologically depicting the years from 1900 – 1999.
Softbound, black and white text.

Performance Instructions:
Starting on the first page the performer names each winter. Moving onto the next winter the performer takes time to flip the page and maybe breathe. The performer may take as long a break between winters as they feel necessary.

Once the performer reaches the threshold of the Twenty-First Century the performance is over.

Any additional musical accompaniment is allowed but must not influence the pace of inflection of the performer’s delivery. The performer must enjoy full autonomy from any musical background – recorded music would be preferred.

  1. Twentieth-Century Winters

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