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La Bola de Cristal #3

Ari Perezdiez
Ari Perezdiez
10.5 × 14 × 0.1 cm
28 pp

“I just try really hard to not be a piece of shit while also having a good time, calling bullshit, pushing limits, challenging people, making bros uncomfortable all while looking really good”

The third issue of La Bola de Cristal is beautiful quarter zine of cut n’ paste goodness with intimate, powerful, and real ass realizations from beloved Ari.

Includes their interview from FIX MY HEAD #7, musings on emotional labor, reflections on the Think and Die Thinking panel on punk, and an important call-to-action for trans sex worker and political prisoner, Niara. As always, Ari offers insightful and vital critiques of radical politics, queer communities, and the hardcore punk scene, all while being hilarious, sassy, and relatable.

Free Niara!

Softcover, staple-bound, b&w

  1. La Bola de Cristal 3

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