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David Macke

A tribute fanzine to late actor River Phoenix.

The color staple-bound zine brings together collaged imagery of River Phoenix in a series of dramatic landscapes, overlaid into cosmic views of the Milky Way, shots of the New York cityscape and the LA hillside. For Macke, River serves as a source of mythic inspiration, a figure embodying something natural and elementally bound within the Hollywood structure. Following his overdose in 1993 at the age of 23, a fascination with River’s youth and heartthrob-looks turned him into an icon for devout fans who collectively mourned the loss. Macke’s work as a photographer holds up River’s ‘look’ as an inspiration and ideal. The zine is part of a larger photography project called “My River”.

Graphic design by Olivia Smith.

  1. Riverzine
  2. Riverzine
  3. Riverzine

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