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5 × 11.5 cm
18 pp

SHELF LIFE is a series of actions and a starting point for examining larger systems of power a reader might overlook for the merits or enjoyment of an individual book. These actions invite you to reflect on how your collected knowledge may be incomplete, even if there are some sections that feature a diversity of voices. Are there other areas where you may need to seek out more authors, resources, or publishers, and continue expanding your perspectives?

SHELF LIFE was originally created by Related Tactics for Added Value: An Alternative Book Sale, a project commissioned by Public Knowledge, a partnership between the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the San Francisco Public Library. It has most recently travelled to Augusta University.

Related Tactics is a collective of artists, writers, educators, editors, and curators producing creative projects, opportunities and interventions at the intersection of race and culture based in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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