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Sean Landers, Art, Life and God

Sean Landers
Glenn Horowitz bookseller, Inc
Artists' Books
21.6 × 27.9 cm

In 1990, Postmasters Gallery in New York presented a solo exhibition titled “Art, Life and God” by then emerging artist Sean Landers. 159 sheets of yellow notebook paper were pinned to the walls containing the diary of the artist’s fictional counterpart, sculptor Chris Hamson. These lurid musings on the contemporary art world form a highly personalized rant, part self-flagellation and part brazen self-promotion. Almost 20 years later the works of “Art, Life and God” are reproduced in their entirety in print for the first time, dog-eared et al.

Edition of 250, signed and numbered.

  1. Sean Landers, Art, Life and God

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