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Cabin Time: Green River

Artists' Books
5 × 7 inches
72 pages

2-color (purple and orange) risograph interiors on 9 different 70#t French Paper Co. Pop-Tone papers, 1-color cover on 100#c French Paper Co. Pop-Tone Orange Fizz paper; Wire-o binding.

Cabin-Time is a semiannual artist residency that takes a group of artists to remote places to camp, become best friends, and produce new work. This publication documents the artist’s experiences during the Autumn 2013 trip to Desolation Canyon near Green River, Utah.

Participating artists: Carson Davis Brown, Sarah Darnell, Stephanie Dowda, Ryan Greaves, Geoffrey Holstad, Ben Hunter, Emily Julka, Bridget Frances Quinn, Steven Rainey, Mary Rothlisberger, Cyrus W. Smith, Charlotte X.C. Sullivan, Adam Weiler, Meg Whiteford, Sarah Williams.

Edition of 150.

  1. Cabin Time: Green River

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